Review: 10/21 Washington DC

Review: 10/21 Washington DC

by Colin Hay, October 25, 2017

Colin Hay has been a performing worldwide as a musician for nearly four decades now, but most people know him from a brief, five-year period of his career when he fronted one of the biggest bands of the early 80s, Men at Work. With their chart-topping hits “Who Can It Be Now?” and “Down Under,” two international hit albums Business as Usual and Cargo, and a Grammy award in 1983 for “Best New Artist,” the band seemed for a brief time to be at the top of the world. But tensions in the band led to a breakup during the recording of their third record, Two Hearts, and the album was a commercial failure. Hay went on to start a solo career with the release of his 1987 solo album Looking for Jack, but it took him, as he noted at one point during his show at the Lincoln Theatre on Saturday evening, quite some time to find his audience again…

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