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Post filed under : Press!
Pure pop deliciousness with a touch of folksiness added for good measure
the crowd are in stitches with his stories but he balances the talk with these amazing songs
Colin talks songwriting with The Age

Colin talks songwriting with The Age

Colin sits down with Bernard Zuel from The Age – to chat about songwriting and the impact it has on the soul.   Read the full article here:

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"Animated by its pensive, honest, and impassioned lyrics, and by a deeply-felt sense of urgency, especially in the song “The Last to Know,” which introduces the album’s title concept of “fierce mercy.”
“Fierce Mercy” is Hay’s lucky 13th solo album, and finds him in top form. At 63, his voice remains impossibly youthful, easily hitting the high notes of captivating roots-pop melodies for songs like “Come Tumbling Down.” As an expert storyteller with a knack for bringing characters to life, Hay has infused his new material with warmth and wry humor"
But the show stealing performance of the event came from former Men at Work frontman Colin Hay, who not only showed off his Americana side with a batch of cerebral tunes but also proved he is one of the funniest entertainers in music with quips about marriage, family, drugs, and even Americana music itself.
Hay's voice could still stop traffic on Saltcoats High Street and the show in an exhilarating blast of moreish music and great laughs. Yes, we get Down Under, but you have never heard it played like this. And you want to.
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