Colin Hay brings his tour to Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts

by Colin Hay, April 12, 2013


Lisa Collacott

Who can it be now? In what is their biggest headliner yet, the Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts will welcome Colin Hay, former frontman for the 1980s band Men at Work to the stage.

Hay brings his “Finding My Dance” tour to the TLCA on April 20. This latest tour started in September and just happened to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the No. 1 hit “Down Under.”

Hay re-released the song as “Down Under 2012,” which doesn’t include the “Kookaburra” flute line, because of a lawsuit in Australia.

The tour, which promotes his latest album “Gathering the Mercury,” has taken him to Australia and has him touring the western United States right now. It will also take him to the United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland.

But Hay says the tour really started “30 odd years ago.”

Hay started playing guitar when he was a teenager and made it big, as part of the Grammy winning group Men at Work. Songs like “Down Under,” Who Can it Be Now” and “Overkill” were popular in the 1980s. After going their separate ways, Hay embarked on a solo career, putting out 11 albums.

Songs from his solo albums have been featured on television shows “Dawson’s Creek,” “Judging Amy,” “Scrubs” and the movie “Garden State.” Hay’s was also featured on the “The Larry Sanders Show.”

From 1996-2002 Hay reunited for tours with one of the Men at Work band members, Greg Ham. They also had the opportunity to play at the closing ceremony during the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. Ham died last year, and Hay said when Ham died, he lost his best friend.

Hay’s “Finding My Dance” tour is an inner search.

“It’s really trying to find your voice. Doing what you’re supposed to be doing,” Hay’s said. “It’s not getting caught up in the past.”

Hay’s said he loves performing and writing music.

“It’s my hobby as well as my job,” he added.

Hay’s will bring his solo, acoustic tour to TLCA on April 20. The show begins at 7 p.m. and advance tickets are $25 for TLCA members and $30 for nonmembers. Tickets are $5 more at the door. For tickets or more information call 719-481-0475 or

“I love Colorado. It’s beautiful. I love everywhere I play,” Hay said.

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