Sneak Peek of New Music Coming in 2015!

by Colin Hay, August 11, 2014

Enjoy this medley of music from Colin Hay’s show at Largo @ the Coronet on Jun 26, 2014. Part of a monthly residency at the Los Angeles club, Colin has been giving fans a peek at new material that will be released sometime in 2015. Colin will be returning on August 28th for another show at Largo – get your tickets at

Joining Colin at this show are Cecilia Noël (vocals) and San Miguel Peréz-Rodríguez (guitar and vocals)

New music coming in 2015, stay tuned to for more info!

Cameras: Jon Luini, Mark Thornton
Edited by: Jon Luini and Nick Ryderter
Produced by: Jon Luini
©2014 Colin Hay. A Chime Bit (

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