Tour continues with some great reviews from the Press!

by Colin Hay, November 1, 2015

Colin’s tour across the Northeast has been gaining steam! Check out a few of the many great reviews we’ve seen. For a full list of press head over to

To find out if Colin is coming to your city or a city near you check out the tour page at

NEO Music Scene

Kind words from NEO Music Scene who attended the show in Cleveland!

The church itself is a lovely venue, as Brian notes, “…a hundred year old Episcopalian church is quickly becoming the best place in Northeast Ohio to hear some of your favorite ’80s bands.”


Fantastic article from Isthmus!!

Join Colin Hay at the The Barrymore Theatre for a special ‪#‎Halloween‬ show that, “Well, let’s just intimate that the show may be a little more frightening than usual.”

Sing Out Loud Series

Get to know Colin Hay in this week’s episode and catch him live at thePonte Vedra Concert Hall on Jan 31! Tickets available now at!

Colin performed deep within the Anastasia State Park. It was a scorching hot day but that didn’t stop Mr. Hay from captivating us with his voice and his stories.


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