RIP Garry Shandling 3/24/16

by Colin Hay, March 27, 2016

“It’s a sad, grey day. Shandling was a comic genius, that is clear and true. When he called me and asked if I’d be on his show, I was very excited. The Larry Sanders Show was, and still is my favourite American TV show. I was happy to be part of just one episode. I feel an emptiness from the news of his passing. Someone important has gone. I really wish he was still here. I didn’t know him well, but he visited me on occasions. Once I heard him shout from the top of my driveway, “Are you sick, someone said you had the flu, I’ll talk to you from up here”. Occasionally he would call and carry on the conversation we had, from a couple of years before. I’ll miss that, and a lot more.” – Colin

Read Billboard Magazine’s tribute with quotes from Chris Isaak and Colin at and watch the video of Colin’s March 22, 1998 appearance below.

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