Colin Hay: Get Rid of The Minstrel

by Colin Hay, May 13, 2016
“Colin Hay: Get Rid of The Minstrel” runs nightly performances from August 15th through August 28th at the Gilded Balloon in Edinburgh, United Kingdom!
It’s been said that live bands are an endangered species. This one is alive and well, and fronted by Colin Hay, a singer/songwriter, storyteller. He made musical history with Grammy winning Men At Work in the olden times of the 80’s. He will entertain you with tales of his incredibly glamorous life on the road. Quickly followed by the not so glamorous. But now, with the sheen of renewal, he and his band, who hail from the streets of Philadelphia, the dusty air of Lima Peru, and the deep musical landscape of Castro’s Cuba, will take you on a journey. From the bracing shore of Saltcoats and far off Down Under, across the Pacific to the City of Angels. You will throw your head back and laugh, you may even become a little misty eyed, but you’ll be glad you came. Come see this band in their natural habitat.

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Men At Work

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