Colin Hay enlists a Cuban animation legend for “Mr. Grogan”

by Colin Hay, June 27, 2016

The A.V. Club was already thrilled this year when Colin Hay stopped by to perform “Overkill” by his old band Men At Work, as a special treat for our Undercover video series. But now, we’ve got something just as exciting: A video premiere for his new single “Mr. Grogan” that managed to somehow pull Cuba’s greatest living animation genius out of retirement. As a birthday present, Hay’s wife Cecilia managed to get in touch with Juan Padrón, the internationally acclaimed animator who garnered cult fame for his film Vampires In Havana. The director, who received Cuba’s National Film Award in 2008, has largely been in retirement in recent years, but agreed to create the video for this song off Hay’s latest album,Next Year People. Padrón’s simple but distinctive style makes for an ideal illustration of the story from “Mr. Grogan,” of the relationship between an older man and his loyal labradoodle.

Colin Hay will be on tour throughout July and August, as well as the beginning of 2017. Tickets are available for most dates.

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