New Song “Love Is Everywhere” Out This Friday 2/18

by Colin Hay, February 14, 2022

I thought I could get away with not writing any text to accompany this video, but apparently not. The song is called “ Love Is Everywhere”, and seeing as how it’s Valentine’s Day, it would seem silly to not at least post some snippets of the song and video.

Speaking of the video, I didn’t know what kind of video to make. So we asked for the help of one Chad Fischer, my friend and best man, whose talent knows no bounds.

My involvement was to go down to Chad’s place and shoot me singing and playing the song a few times, in different clothes, in front of a green screen. He did the rest. He did all the heavy lifting.

May I say he did a beautiful job. Still, I knew he would, he was my best man. Did I mention that already?

“Love Is Everywhere” out 4/18
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