Looking For Jack

Looking For Jack (1987)

  1. Hold Me
  2. Can I Hold You?
  3. Looking For Jack
  4. Master of Crime
  5. These Are Our Finest Days
  6. Puerto Rico
  7. Ways of the World
  8. I Don't Need You Anymore
  9. Circles Erratica
  10. Fisherman's Friend
  11. Nature of the Beast (CD Bonus Track)


Looking for Jack is Colin’s debut solo album, released in 1987.

Colin Hay – acoustic guitar, guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, vocals, 12 string guitar, Synclavier
Jeremy Alsop – bass, keyboards, synthesizer guitar
David Bitelli – baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone
Mike Brittain – double bass
Raul d’Oliveira – trumpet
Herbie Hancock – piano
Ginya Joseph – vocals
Chris Laurence – double bass
Joe Legwabe – vocals
Dee Lewis – vocals
Linda Lewis – vocals
Helen Liebmann – cello
Martin Loveday – cello
Ashley Maher – vocals
Noel McCalla – vocals
Robbie McIntosh – guitar, electric guitar
Morris Michael – vocals
Robin Millar – keyboards
Nicky Payne – tenor saxophone
Nick Pentelow – tenor saxophone
Rufus Sefothoma – vocals
Steve Sidwell – trumpet
Richard Taylor – trombone
Rick Taylor – trombone
Chad Wackerman – percussion, drums
Paul “Wix” Wickens – organ, Hammond organ

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