Post written by : Colin Hay
Post written by : Colin Hay
"Animated by its pensive, honest, and impassioned lyrics, and by a deeply-felt sense of urgency, especially in the song “The Last to Know,” which introduces the album’s title concept of “fierce mercy.”

TRACK-BY-TRACK #5: Frozen Fields of Snow

Here is Colin’s fifth installment of the Fierce Mercy Track-By-Track video series.  Find out the mental picture that came to Colin as the inspiration for this song.  Get the album:

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“Fierce Mercy” is Hay’s lucky 13th solo album, and finds him in top form. At 63, his voice remains impossibly youthful, easily hitting the high notes of captivating roots-pop melodies for songs like “Come Tumbling Down.” As an expert storyteller with a knack for bringing characters to life, Hay has infused his new material with warmth and wry humor"
“Fierce Mercy” shows that Colin Hay is still in peak form more than 30 years into his career.
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