35th Anniversary of ‘Looking For Jack’

35th Anniversary of ‘Looking For Jack’

by Colin Hay, January 4, 2023

I will say a couple of things about “Looking For Jack”, the title track anyway.

At the time I thought it was the best song I’d managed to come up with to date. The illusion that happiness is a thing that can be achieved, and can remain constant, (except when you bang your thumb with the hammer, or fall of the roof like a damn fool). Or that yearning questions can be answered by following your living deity of choice. And in Los Angeles there are plenty.

For myself, I was looking for the light, both real and metaphoric. I still experience moments of intense euphoria, sometimes in traffic on the 101, or watching the sun disappear over the mighty Pacific, with the evening mist drifting up the canyon. They are fleeting moments, they come and then they’re gone. Like the last 35 years.

In 1986, with great encouragement and a little bullying from the great producer Robin Millar, I wrote most of the “Looking For Jack” album at the Oakwood Apartments on Barham Blvd here in Los Angeles, a city I would fall in love with a few years later. When I first came here, I never imagined living here. Now, I can’t imagine not. It’s the light you see. https://youtu.be/YGpiOZPhkpE

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