LIVE Painting from John Bukaty in New Orleans up for auction

colin live painting

John Bukaty Studio / Gallery is a live painter who often comes to Colin’s show. Last night he painted this wonderful piece during the show at the House of Blues New Orleans and is now auctioning it online for charity!

Send him your bids if you’re interested in having this art in your home.


Posted by John Bukaty on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Colin Hay & Bill Burr at Largo

colin hay bill burr

I was a guest on Greg Behrandt’s show at Largo last week, and Bill Burr played drums with me on Who Can It Be Now? — He was excellent too!
He just gave me a mention on his podcast, check it out below!

Watch Colin’s performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Thanks to all who tuned in to watch Colin perform on the Tonight show! It was a fantastic performance indeed!

Here is what Colin had to say about the evening:
“I’d like to thank Mr Fallon for having me on his show, and QuestLove and the Roots band, for making my dear old song sound so special. I loved it.”

Watch the performance of “Overkill” with The Roots here:

Watch the solo performance of “Next Year People” here:

Colin Performs on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Jan. 13th!

Tune in next Wednesday, January 13, 2016, and see Colin perform on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - he will be performing “Overkill” with The Roots!

colin fallon

Flanagan’s World


I attended quite a posh function the other night, and I ran into an extremely talented writer/performer. I congratulated him on all his success. He was gracious and then said, and I’m not quoting here, well Colin if all else fails, we’ve always got Largo, because more then anything else, we’re quite good Largo acts.

I first met Flanagan around 1990, just as I’d been dropped by MCA Records. It was the end of my decade long affair with major record label hoopla. He’d just opened the old Largo on Fairfax. He asked me to play there, which of course I did, again and again. Rosy cheeked Jon Brion would come down and accompany me on whatever he felt like, and they, were magic nights. I saw so many brilliant performers over the years, Mitch Hedberg, Elliot Smith, Aimee Mann, Sarah Silverman to name a few, and watched the development of the genius of Andy Prieboy’s “White Trash Wins Lotto”.

My favorite part of playing the old Largo was when I’d finish playing, and Flanagan would walk me round the block to the back of the club, chatting nonsense the whole way.

Things change, Largo moved to La Cienega, and is now, if you’ve just come out of a coma, Largo at the Coronet. It’s still the same, because Flanagan still owns it. It’s Flanagan’s world, and I’m more than happy to drop into it from time to time. I’m there on December 13th, you should come, I’m quite good you know.

Tour continues with some great reviews from the Press!

Colin’s tour across the Northeast has been gaining steam! Check out a few of the many great reviews we’ve seen. For a full list of press head over to

To find out if Colin is coming to your city or a city near you check out the tour page at

NEO Music Scene

Kind words from NEO Music Scene who attended the show in Cleveland!

The church itself is a lovely venue, as Brian notes, “…a hundred year old Episcopalian church is quickly becoming the best place in Northeast Ohio to hear some of your favorite ’80s bands.”


Fantastic article from Isthmus!!

Join Colin Hay at the The Barrymore Theatre for a special ‪#‎Halloween‬ show that, “Well, let’s just intimate that the show may be a little more frightening than usual.”

Sing Out Loud Series

Get to know Colin Hay in this week’s episode and catch him live at thePonte Vedra Concert Hall on Jan 31! Tickets available now at!

Colin performed deep within the Anastasia State Park. It was a scorching hot day but that didn’t stop Mr. Hay from captivating us with his voice and his stories.


Cecilia Noël’s latest album, Havana Rocks, is out on vinyl Oct. 23rd!

havana rocks

Cecilia Noël’s latest album, Havana Rocks, is out on vinyl Oct. 23rd! This album was originally released in September 2014, but has come back with a vinyl pressing for those of you who love the warm sound of vinyl!

You can pre-order the album today on Amazon and get it as soon as it’s released!

Order on Amazon here!

“Colin Hay – Waiting For My Real Life” premieres at the Melbourne International Film Festival

Here is the official trailer for the upcoming documentary about Colin’s journey from Men at Work to his time on Scrubs to where he is today!

Check out Colin Hay – Waiting For My Real Life, screening at the Melbourne International Film Festival on Tues, Aug. 4th & Sun, Aug. 9th!

Learn more at Driving Indian Films and buy tickets for MIFF at:

Coming to a film festival near you soon! To stay up to date with Colin’s tour, music, and more sign up for the mailing list on

Silverball Tour UK with the Barenaked Ladies!

UK TOUR UPDATE!! Colin Hay is excited to be touring in the UK with the astounding Barenaked Ladies on the ‪#‎SilverballTour‬!

See you in a couple months! For a list of all the tour dates/locations, click the “Tour Dates” tab above!

Last Summer on Earth Tour moves full speed ahead!

I woke up and banged my head on the bunk above me. I was dreaming that I was living on a tour bus for the next two months, opening up for a band called Violent Naked Ladies. I’m considering pizza for breakfast. Ah…. the glamour of it all. I’m enjoying myself. Come see us!

Here’s some great photos from Cleveland and a video of a special Colin+BNL rendition of “Who Can it Be Now?”. DSC_0028DSC_0078DSC_0140DSC_0132DSC_0134_1