UK & Western US TOUR 2013

On the heels of the highly acclaimed “Gathering Mercury” tour we’re happy to announce that Colin Hay’s “Finding My Dance” 2013 Tour continues to grow. Building on the recently announced Australian tour, the “Finding My Dance” tour will also make appearances in the UK as well as the Western United States in April and May of 2013.

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“An aboriginal man once came backstage after a show and said to me in a kindly voice, “Where’s your dance? I used to like your dance, you’ve lost your dance mate, you’ve gotta find your dance.” So, I set out in search of it, looking here, there and everywhere in all corners of the globe. Quite soon I realized that “finding my dance” is an inner search, and that whilst I may never truly find it, it matters not. What’s important is to keep searching, and in the process, refine and simplify the steps.” Colin Hay

Themes of redemption and renewal come naturally to Colin Hay, as he is in the midst of a remarkable renaissance. While his voice and visage are still familiar to millions from his tenure as front man, principal songwriter, and lead vocalist of pop sensations Men at Work (“Down Under, ”“Overkill,” “Who Can It Be Now?”), the past twenty years have found him quietly yet tenaciously re introducing himself to new generations of fans. It has been an organic process, building momentum through constant touring, and film and television

FINDING MY DANCE is Hay’s expression for connecting with one’s authentic self. In the process, he takes the audience on a musical journey, sometimes straight down the main road, and sometimes taking the twists and turns of the road less traveled. Whether or not you have seen him before, you will laugh, you may shed a tear, but you will most certainly be more than entertained.

Hay is at the absolute peak of his craft. As a writer and vocalist, he has never been more masterful.

“Hay is funnier than most stand-up comedians, so he’ll split your sides and then drop a heartbreaking ditty on you.” The Houston Chronicle

“Hay is a consummate songwriter, who’s only gotten better and better with age.” Daytrotter, Illnois


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Colin Hay to Celebrate ‘Down Under’ 30th Anniversary With Global Re-Release

Newly recorded version of iconic anthem ‘Down Under’ to be used as the centerpiece of Telstra’s Olympic Games Advertising Campaign

A newly recorded version of the iconic Men at Work song “Down Under” will be released globally on Compass Records in celebration of the song’s 30th year anniversary. Colin Hay re-recorded the song without the “Kookaburra” flute line which is the subject of a drawn out and embittered lawsuit in Australia. The track will be released as part of an EP (available on iTunes July 31st) which will include three versions of the song: the newly recorded studio version, a solo acoustic version and a live, solo, story-song version in which Hay humorously describes how he wrote song. The three track EP will be released exclusively through iTunes with the single “Down Under 2012″ available through other digital outlets including


Greg Ham

I met Greg Ham 40 years ago, at Kim Gyngell’s house in 1972. Last year of high school. He had blond hair, rosy cheeks, ridiculously bright eyes, and along with Gyngell, was the funniest person I knew. He was sharp, real sharp. We were friends from then on, we liked each other. He lived for a while in Park Street in St Kilda, in a communal household, which was the best of times. The best parties ever. Greg took up the saxophone and flute during this time, he was always practicing. He got really good. We shared countless, unbelievably memorable times together, from stumbling through Richmond after playing the Cricketers Arms, to helicoptering into New York City, to appear on Saturday Night Live, or flying through dust storms in Arizona, above the Grand Canyon, or getting lost, driving aimlessly through the Gippsland countryside. We played in a band and conquered the world together. I love him very much. He’s a beautiful man. He never lost his love and passion for music, and indeed taught music to kids over the last few years. He was a great teacher,  and they loved him. The saxophone solo on “Who Can It Be Now”, was the rehearsal take. We kept it, that was the one. He’s here forever.

I’m thinking about his family, and hoping they are receiving the love and support they need and deserve.

Colin Hay

Gathering Mercury to be released on vinyl!

In response to fan demand, we are releasing a limited edition version of GATHERING MERCURY on 180 gram vinyl.
The first 50 people who pre-order GATHERING MERCURY on vinyl will receive an autographed copy!


2012 U.S. Tour

We’ve kicked off the Colin Hay 2012 Spring U.S. Tour. We hope you’ll join us for a special evening of music over the next two months! For complete tour dates and ticket information, click HERE.

From The Road – Australia – February 2012

On tour in Tasmania with Michael “Ace” Baker and Isabella Hay “boss of bosses”

Colin in studio on 774 ABC Melbourne

Colin was recently in the studio with Jon Faine & Christine Nixon on 774 ABC Melbourne to chat & perform “Dear Father.” Listen to the entire interview and performance HERE. The segment is a little more than half way through the clip.

February 2012 Tour returns to Australia

The Master Of The One Man Show Returns! 

After sold out launch shows here earlier this year to support the release of his acclaimed album ‘Gathering Mercury’ Colin Hay has gone from strength to strength in North America, selling out venues across the continent. This summer he returns to Australia for his biggest solo tour here in many years.

Colin Hay is a master of the one-man show. Armed with an acoustic guitar, his rich memorable voice, and decades of road experience, Hay is an entertainer in the true sense of the word. His show takes his audience on a journey through song and stories and if the reviews from his recent tour in the United States are anything to go by, that journey will be an experience not to be missed.

“Hay is a master storyteller of the hilarious kind. Mostly talking about the early days, his family, and life in America, Hay had the crowd doubling over with laughter for what seemed like half the show. Yes, we paid to hear that pure, raspy voice sing those incredible songs, but this was like getting two shows in one.” Kevin TriebschThe Atlanta Music Examiner.

“Hay is funnier than most stand-up comedians, so he’ll split your sides and then drop a heartbreaking ditty on you.”  The Houston Chronicle

The set list for his solo shows is meshed together with new tunes from ‘Gathering Mercury’, tracks from his extensive catalogue as a solo song writer and, of course, from his time with the monumentally successful Men At Work. There is a subtle thread through the show, which bonds the audience and performer. You’ll get more than you thought you’d get, and then at the end, you’ll want more still.   

“I’ve been singing, playing guitar, writing songs, and trying to entertain people since I was 14 years old.” Coin said. “I feel, at the present time, that I may, on any given night, be getting the hang of it!”  Read more