1 Year Anniversary of Fierce Mercy

1 Year Anniversary of Fierce Mercy

by Colin Hay, March 3, 2018

“I was reminded that Saturday marked one year since my album Fierce Mercy was released. I must say it does in fact feel like a year. I have traveled many miles, played many shows, to many people during that time, in support of it. I thank you ever so much if you made it out, and/or, listened to, or bought a copy of Fierce Mercy.

I enjoy everything about this record. Making it, was one of those experiences that I fell in love with, as it was happening. I loved the process of co-writing the songs with Michael G, seeing where the recordings took us in the studio, and being capped off by recording the orchestrated strings in Nashville, a glorious process.

I would again like to thank everyone who was involved in the making, mixing and mastering of this record. As you know, there are many people making many records as we speak. This is my latest, and my best. If you like vinyl, this one sounds deluxe through big speakers, dare I say so myself, and I do.
I bid you good cheer.”

– Colin

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