RIP Aretha Franklin

RIP Aretha Franklin

by Colin Hay, August 17, 2018

The word legend is a much overworn word. It is oft-times used to describe people who are not legends, but merely quite good. Not so in this case. In a way, Aretha Franklin is indescribable, she’s simply the best of the best. When she sings, she makes me think anything is possible. She inspires me to be better, to aspire to great heights, to soar like she does, effortlessly leading me from the despair of the day, to the promise of what could be. When I hear her sing, I kiss the ground at my feet, and stand to attention, for I am in the presence of greatness, a true legend. She passed too soon it is true, but Aretha will never die, for her voice is eternal, forever sewn into the fabric of our mysterious, expanding universe.

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