Now And The Evermore (MORE)

Now And The Evermore (MORE) (2023)

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Now And The Evermore (MORE) Bonus Disc Deluxe Edition

Includes 7 never before heard tracks from the original recording sessions. Features appearances by Ringo Starr, Gregg Bissonette, Jimmy Earl, Jim Hoke & more!

“Upon listening to these songs, which were part of the NOW AND THE EVERMORE recording sessions, I am struck by a sense of yearning. For what is unclear, but the context is set within the fleeting nature of time, and the subsequent importance of the here and now. I think they deserve to run free.” -Colin

Many bundle options available for pre-order today, for a September 15th release!

Track Listing

  1. Now And The Evermore
  2. Love Is Everywhere
  3. Into The Bright Lights
  4. The Sea Of Always
  5. Starfish And Unicorns
  6. A Man Without A Name
  7. Undertow
  8. All I See Is You
  9. Agatha Bell
  10. When Does The End Begin?
  11. Long Ago (Bonus Track)
  12. Tomorrow Never Comes (Bonus Track)
  13. We Can Love Again (Bonus Track)
  14. Waterline (Bonus Track)
  15. Someone Else’s Life (Bonus Track)
  16. Incommunicado (Bonus Track)
  17. Within The Wheel (Love Is Everything) (Bonus Track)

More on the original tracks available on the Now And The Evermore discography page.

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